Because let’s be honest, the Netherlands is the perfect destination for a cycle trip. Flat & Bike- friendly! 


Rotterdam, the one and only city in the Netherlands with an awesome skyline. Enter this modern city via the iconic Erasmusbridge and cycle to architectural highlights such as the Markethall and the brand new Boijmans Depot. From modern Rotterdam you can reach Utrecht in just a few hours. Along the road stop by Gouda, the city known for it’s world famous cheese. 


Tilburg! A city with hospitable, friendly people and full of surprises. Tilburg is THE city of Dutch textile, although you will find much more than just the Textile Museum. After a long day of cycling you can relax in the beautiful ‘Spoorpark’ or at the ‘Piushaven’ . For a mind blowing experience you can visit “Doloris Meta Maze” a maze through surrealistic art. The Tlburg region is beautiful and has a great diversity for every type of cyclist. The Dunes of Loon and Drunen & Oisterwijk’s Bossen- en Vennen are just around the corner, but also in Tilburg itself you will have a great time.


The hills of South Limburg are one of the most beautiful cycling destinations in the Netherlands. Wherever you go, the view is impressive. Maastricht itself is a beautiful old city, full of historical buildings, stately churches and trendy design shops. There are plenty of culinary delights to enjoy here too. Taste the real Limburg Flan (Vlaai) and finish your day with a pint of Limburg beer or a glass of fine Limburg wine.


A small village, but there’s a lot to experience here. Valkenswaard is truly a place for nature lovers, bon vivants, culinary connoisseurs and sports enthusiasts! Valkenswaard is also a beautiful ‘hub’ from Tilburg (2 hours cycling) towards the Limburg hills and Maastricht (4 hours cycling). The immediate surroundings of Valkenswaard has beautiful cycling routes with forest, fens, farmlands, rivers and mills.


Utrecht is rightfully the city full of bikes! Thousands of cyclists pass one another every day in the busy city center. Not surprisingly, here you will find the largest bicycle parking in the world. It has 3 floors with stalls that can manage a total of 12,500 bikes!! Park your bike, take a walk along the Singel and the canals and discover the unique wharf cellars by foot. Utrecht is centrally located in the middle of the national cycle network and there are excellent cycle connections to Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Tilburg.


Take your chance to visit this unique and popular water village by bike. The great thing about cycling in and around Giethoorn is the enormous diversity. In just a breeze you’ll leave the center of Giethoorn and find yourself in forests and along lakes. Whichever way you go: it’s an experience you won’t forget. From Giethoorn its about 4 hours by bike to your next destination: Leeuwarden.


Did you know that ‘De Oldehove’, Leeuwarden’s famous old landmark, is even more crooked than the Tower of Pisa? There’s a lot to discover in beautiful Leeuwarden. You surely will be surprised! For the real marathon cyclists Leeuwarden is a perfect destination because leaving the Randstad you can make quite some miles in just one day and set yourself a personal cycling record. Once you do arrive in Leeuwarden you could easily pedal onward to Harlingen, where you can hop on the ferry to the beautiful Wadden Islands!


If you’re planning a cycling tour in the far north of our country, make sure to drop by the beautiful city of Groningen! Wander through the city center, explore all the small streets and climb the Martini tower, you won’t get bored. If you are keen to see the historic ‘Hunebedden’ in Drenthe, you can plan your stage from the city center of Groningen along the ‘Drentsche Aa’ to reach the ‘Hunzedal’ in just a few hours. You can take a break at Lake Zuidlaardermeer for a refreshing swim!


The city with 33 windmills and of course well known for its cheese and world famous cheese market! Alkmaar is a delightful city situated conveniently close to Amsterdam, the North Sea beach, just half an hour of cycling apart. In the city center you will find plenty of nice restaurants, shops and terraces. Cycle up and down the dunes of Schoorl to reach Egmond aan Zee, along what may just be the most magnificent cycling route in our country. From Alkmaar, the city of Haarlem is easy accessible, also for the more easy paced cyclists!  


A cozy city center, museums, shops and restaurants and the beach just around the corner. This is Haarlem: a city with so much to offer, spreading from the old, almost hidden streets to the hip concept stores. Haarlem is excellently located too. Within only half an hour you could cycle towards the beaches of Zandvoort or the trendy seaside resort of Bloemendaal. If you follow the ‘Visscherspad’ cycling route along the coastline, in just an hour and a half you’ll make it to your next destination: Noordwijk.


A wonderful coastal town! Endless dunes, wide sandy beaches, cozy shops and delicious eateries. You can find all of this in the heart of the flower region. Noordwijk is the ideal destination if you’re looking to combine the urban and the beachy land types during your cycling holiday. Haarlem, The city centers of Harlem, The Hague and Rotterdam are all just short bike-rides away!


The Island of Dordrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, a city steeped in history dating back to the Middle Ages. Explore the historic center with its charming narrow streets and old buildings. Surrounded by tranquil waters, it invites you to enjoy a relaxed drink or snack at Groothoofd, where the three rivers converge. And from the city center, in less than 30 minutes of cycling, you can reach the popular Biesbosch National Park. The bike-friendly roads make exploring this water-rich city a true delight!


There is so much to do and experience in The Hague, the city that hosts the Dutch Parliament. Whether you fancy the beach or want to go to a museum in the monumental city center, The Hague has it all. Thanks to its central location, The Hague is an excellent starting point for cyclists to visit Noordwijk, Haarlem and Alkmaar. Moreover, it could be a crucial part of your cycling route from the Western part of the Netherlands to head for Delft, Rotterdam or Utrecht.


Zwolle is a lively Hanseatic city with a medieval center. The city is perfect for shopping, cultural events and day trips. Zwolle has many museums, restaurants which are renowned for their culinary delights, such as De Librije (which has been awarded three Michelin stars!), atmospheric terraces and pubs. More over, Zwolle is your perfect cycling hub on your way from the Randstad to the Northern regions of the country. 


Nijmegen, as the oldest city in the Netherlands, bears the traces of a rich history dating back to Roman times. Take a stroll through the charming Valkhof Park with its historical ruins and enjoy the view of the Waal River. For a touch of art and culture, the Valkhof Museum is a must-see. Explore the cozy streets of the lower city, discover local shops and eateries, and within just a few kilometers of cycling, you’ll reach the German border!


Delft is the birthplace of famous painter Johannes Vermeer. The world recognizes Delft for it’s Delft Blue, but it’s also a city with lovely old canals and the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ and ‘Oude Kerk’ churches full of Dutch national history. Delft is just a stone’s throw away from Rotterdam and The Hague and its beaches are also very easily accessible. This makes this route particularly worthwhile for families and easy-going cyclists!